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Automated Website Backups

Sleep well knowing that if problems occur, you have a backup!

We’ll Provide Peace of Mind

When finding the best web hosting provider for a website, most people look at the amount of disk space in the plan, the amount of bandwidth or traffic the site will be allowed to have, and extras such as the type of control panel that is used. The one area that most people overlook, which is the one that will be the most important if there is ever an issue, is the hosting provider’s backup policy!

Websites and servers go down for hardware issues every day, it is a common occurrence. The most gut wrenching feeling is when you get an email from your hosting provider informing you that they have fixed the problem and that you will need to “re-upload” all of your site files (because they were lost). Even more terrifying is when you’re site is a database driven and you realize that all of the information in your databases have been lost and there is no way to recover that!

We know this all to well because it has happened to us before! One time is enough, and the experience changed us and the way we look at data back ups. We can take what we have learned and developed and now help you to keep your data backed up and secure!


What is a backup service?

Below is an overview of what we can provide to keep your site safe, however, it is not exhaustive. Remember that we are developers and we will develop what ever process or scripts that are necessary to fit your particular backup needs!

  • Automated backups of your website files (from any host)
  • Automated backups of your databases
  • Incremental backups
  • Email confirmation of when your backup has completed
  • SMS confirmation of when your backup has completed
  • A web interface to access your backup files at any time
  • Flexible backup schedules (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly or Custom)
  • Custom backup solutions



The million dollar question, how much will it cost? That really depends on the specifics of your backup needs, the amount of data that will be backed up, and the frequency of backup. We strive to make our services cost affordable to all, so contact us today and we’ll provide you with a personalized quote for your backup needs.

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