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Email Marketing

Use the number #1 communication tool for business!

Email Marketing

Sure, email marketing isn’t what it used to be… it has gotten a bad rap because of SPAM.  However, email is still the number #1 communication tool for businesses!  In fact, email marketing has proven through multiple studies to have the highest ROI (return on investment) of all digital marketing methods!  So email marketing is still an awesome way to connect with your customers, built customer loyalty, and drive sales to your site!



What is the process?

We start out by analyzing your company, your customers, your ideal customer, competitors and more to come up with the best email marketing strategy.  Unlike most agencies, we don’t just start churning out emails, we develop a plan and follow it.

We combine a unique strategy developed specifically for your business with professional copywriters to write your email campaigns, and real-time market research and spam filter avoidance tools, to turn your marketing emails into a valuable tool that not just builds customer loyalty but drives new business as well!


The final step is the addition of marketing automation.  Email clicks, forms filled out, pages visited, all of this is data that can be used to automate your marketing efforts.  Automation puts some awesome strategies at your fingertips, such as lead scoring… for every action a potential customer takes it adds to their “lead score” (e.g. +10 when they click on an email link, +20 when they visit 5 pages on your website, etc.) and different actions can be taken automatically based on their score, including alerts to sales staff for them to call a “HOT” lead!

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