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Government Services

Skills and services specifically for government entities!

Unique Government Solutions

We understand the unique challenges faced by government entities, and we also understand the budget restraints that small to medium size state, county and cities have… so we have developed services specifically for government use in order to supply an excellent product and service, and affordable prices.

Email Hosting with Archiving Abilities

Most government entities are under rules and regulations that require most, if not all, positions to have their email contents archived.  Archiving works outside of the user’s inbox, meaning that a copy of all inbound and outbound mail is kept regardless of whether they delete the message in the box or not.

We are happy to offer email hosting services, with archiving ability that can be turned on per box, which means you only pay for archiving for the people that need it.

Our email hosting services are affordable, and are in use today by a range of municipalities.  Contact us today for more information!

Web Hosting

When it comes to heavily access sites, not any web hosting will do, and especially not the standard shared hosting that most agencies and developers try to sell!  Our web hosting utilizes CloudFlare for distributed CDN capabilities, and CloudFlare’s Railgun service for fast as lightening transfers, while using Nginx caching and Apache on our servers.  All of our servers have lightening fast SSD drives for the absolute best performance!

But, we understand that sometimes great hosting isn’t enough.  So for those times when you know your site will come under heavy load (such as tax time, or elections, etc.), then we can temporarily move it to a super-sized dedicated server array with load balancing to ensure it can handle just about any amount of traffic!  Specialized solutions, custom tailored to your specific needs!

For more information, call us today!


Web Design

Government websites require more than just being pretty, they need to be functional and easy  to use by anyone.  We understand the differences between business web design and government web design, and will not only make you a beautiful site, but one that is fully functional, clear and easy to understand, easy to navigate and can be used by anyone.

See more information about our web design services on a web design page by clicking here.


Custom Web and Application Development

Sometimes off the shelf software just isn’t enough.  When that is the case, we can custom build web applications and software packages for you!  Custom tailored software specifically for your needs.

Find out more about custom web development by visiting our development page.

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