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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Put the power of Google to work for you!

Pay Per Click and Digital Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising has changed a lot in the past few years, and it now takes strategy to run a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign.  It’s not a job that just anyone can do, and as many have found out, there is a large failure rate.  But it doesn’t have to be hard…

We don’t just start creating ads, we first spend time finding out about your business, about who your target audience / customer is, and then we develop a strategy of how to best reach your target customers using pay per click and other digital advertising methods.  We work toward a determined goal, and by using an effective strategy, combined with professional copywriters for writing your ad text, your ads will end up with higher click through rates… which translates to more effective use of advertising funds, and more customers!


Advertising Options

  • Develop an advertising campaign strategy unique to your business and situation
  • Detailed research and reporting on your customers, ideal customer, competitors and your market
  • Existing campaign auditing and performance tuning
  • Ad writing / copywriting
  • Advertising budget management
  • Continuously work for better click through rates
  • A/B testing of ads and ad copy

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