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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)

So what exactly is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the practice of modifying a site in such a way that it improves the sites visibility and frequency of being return in web search engines. A website is meaningless if customer’s cannot find it! On average, 95% of all web traffic to a website comes from clicking a link in search engine results. It is very easy to be listed in search engine results, in fact, most of the time you have to do nothing at all because the search engines will find your site themselves. However, the problem occurs with where you are listed in the search results.

When searching for a term on Google or another search engine, most web users will only go as far as the fifth page to look at the results. If you are listed past the fifth page, the chances of being clicked on are almost zero. That is where SEO comes in! Do you want to be listed on the first or second page of a search, or page 5,123

The Process

The process of improving your site rankings can take some time. It is an involved process that can take several months to get to the final results. We can can handle that process step by step and work to improve your website rankings. We bring years of experience to the table, and the expertise that goes along with it. Don’t trust your SEO to just anyone, there are a lot of rip-offs out there, see below to know what to look for

The Rip-Offs

Low Cost SEO
The process of adjusting your site for SEO can take a while. It involves making changes, monitoring search engine ranking movement, and then repeating until you get where you want to be. Anyone who offers a low cost SEO service should be avoided! The time that it takes to properly do SEO cannot be covered for $150, $450, or $750 for that matter, so anyone offering SEO services for that low of an amount is probably going to take your money and you’ll see little in return!

#1 Listing Examples
We laugh when we see firms put examples of companies they were able to get to #1 on Google for a search term… because it usually involves a keyword that absolutely nobody would search for.

Example: a Knoxville second hand store has a firm perform SEO modifications to their site and the site begins showing up on page 1 for the search term “Knoxville low cost clothing overruns”. The firm points to the new search ranking for the search phrase, they take the client’s money, and ride off in the sunset.
Here is the problem: nobody is searching for that term! It doesn’t matter if you are listed number one for a phrase if nobody is searching for it!

Relevant keyword selection is very important! In this example case, the term “Knoxville second hand stores” is a better fit and also will result in 25 times the amount of searches.

Where do we start?

Getting started is easy! You can use the form (or contact options) on the “How to contact us” page. If you prefer to speak to a human about your SEO project, you can reach us by email at [email protected], or by telephone at (865) 583-6360. Although our offices are in the Knoxville and Nashville Tennessee areas, we have clients located in different regions of the country and accept clients nationwide!

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