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Server Maintenance

Your IT team waiting on stand by!

Not every company is blessed with an IT department… in fact, most are not.  Most small companies don’t have any IT person at all, the task usually falls to someone with other job duties who struggles along, and ultimately calls in outside help.  No matter your company size, we have an IT team who can not only be standing by when you have issues, but they’ll be proactive and keep your servers updated, secured and running fast!


Stop the Worrying

With our server maintenance packages you won’t have to worry anymore!  We have specialists available for every server software platform (although we specialize in management of Linux based server), and no job is too large.  So sleep well at night knowing that you have someone to turn to when there is problems, and know that we are watching and working proactively when there is not.

What does a server maintenance package cover?

  • Have someone to answer your questions!
  • Firewall installation, configuration and ongoing monitoring
  • Virus protection and removal
  • Malware and spyware protection and removal
  • Security updates and patches
  • Application install, setup and updates
  • Uptime monitoring and response to outages – (proactive response)
  • Fixing bugs and configuration issues
  • Control Panel setup and administration (CPanel, Plesk and others)
  • Mail server setup and administration
  • DNS server setup and administration
  • Backup service at a reduced price
  • and more!


Don’t wait until there is a problem, which can take days or weeks to find someone to fix it… with our server maintenance packages we will be on standby if a problem occurs!

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